woensdag 7 januari 2009

Silo (Food/Loop)

As we explained before, Silo is an institute. Not in the line as La Rocca, Cherry Moon, Boccaccio,... but more along the "alternative" side of clublife. Known for it's quality house-techno-progressive party's with quality music, for hosting the legendary loop and food nights and up to today, it's writing history.

Here we have 2 sets by Steve Cop, in that era.

1 year silo 020396

loop 140397


3 opmerkingen:

daajrex zei

I only can name Dave CLarke Southside, Secret Cinema Straight Forward, there are some more for which I'd have to browse my collection, but apart from that I have now discovered at least 5 new tracks which I like a LOT.

daajrex zei

Man , wat is dat openingsnummer op 1 Year Silo ?? Daar zoeken we al 10 jaar , ah nee, dértien jaar naar !

STR1973 zei

dat zou ik ook graag weten :)