donderdag 24 juli 2008

Steve Cop @ Private Party Tilburg (NL) 1993

As I told you before, Steve Cop did a lot of gigs in Holland. In those days the Dutch had this particular sound opposite of the hardcore/ gabber culture. We called it mellow.
For me personally, i liked the sound of Fresh fruit Records. A nice compilation to have is THIS ONE.
This set was devided in 3 parts (on tape), i tried as good as possible to get 1 long mix, hope you enhoy this piece of classic sh*t!

Steve Cop, Tilburg, 1993


2hrs - 140Mb - 160 Kbps


zaterdag 19 juli 2008

Steve Cop @ Fuse 02/06/1994

Do I need to say more about Fuse actually?? Since 1994 it made a statement and and it's still going strong. This is one of my favorite tapes, a lot of records that will ring a bell, but keeps you thinking : "Damn, what was/is this?"
A must have for the lovers of quality techno music!

Steve Cop @ Fuse 02/06/1994

A & B Pasted


zaterdag 12 juli 2008

Steve Cop @ Vaudeville (Caligula Night) 1993

Vaudeville in Brussels, another legendary place that hosted a lot of parties. . .A theater from the 19th century. Recently being renovated and still available for parties.

Steve Cop @ Vaudeville 1993
2x45' - 105Mb - 160Kbps




Steve Cop @ Club Exposure (Den Haag, NL) 1993

Back in the 90's, in the nightlife of Den Haag (The Hague), Club Exposure was a big player.

Club Exposure opened it's Heavens Gates on October 30, 1992 and brought a special new danceclub to The Hague’s nightlife. Not only new in it's kind for the Hague, but new for Holland.
With special theme-parties, special acts, animations and guest DJ’s from all over the world, Exposure (.XPO… for the fans!) brought nights with atmospheres and vibes where people still talk about. With resident DJ's such as Remy, Steve Cop (B), Alex P. (GB), Stef, Lippy, Gilbert and Aldo and to name a few guest DJ's: Laurent Garnier, Derrick May, Stacey Pullen, Dimitri, Marcello, 100% Isis, Koenie and many more, you can imagine what kind of hot steaming nights have taken place over there… (thx to Exposure website)

Steve Cop @ Club Exposure
57' (sorry, i've got no more)
192 Kbps



woensdag 9 juli 2008

Steve Cop @ Zazou (Lier) 09/02/1996

Zazou, a club where many parties took place, some people also know it as The Temple. Not long ago it was closed by the authorities, after 30 years! It was the place where a lot of alternative youth got their kicks and thrills. Zazoo witnessed also a lot of musical styles, such as : New Wave/Beat, Electro, Acid, Techno, House, Trance, Drum 'n Bass,... (thx to Out Soon for the info)

Steve Cop @ Zazou (Lier) 09/02/1996
106Mb - 160 Kbps

Side A

Side B