dinsdag 16 december 2008

Club Io (Gent) 1996/1997

For a short time, there was this very cozy club in the centre of Ghent. Hosted by Dimitri Bertels, who played some tunes as well, later known for his waterski-skills, like his older brother. (check google) It was not far from the famous Vooruit, but i'm not sure where it was exactly.

Steve played twice there, the other tape rip will be on lemant's blog in the future. (check links on the left)

As a bonus, you will get the one and only Space Dj's, who played there as well (on another night). Can't remember if it was the end of 1996, or the beginning of 1997.

Steve Cop 121296

Space Dj's


maandag 1 december 2008

Scene 26/06/1999 Steve Cop - Zzino - Dj Rush

Another Scene-rip, yes, i have a lot of them. ;) This evening is forever in my mind. Dj Rush came by, and he blew me away. Too bad he also blew the monitor away, the tape with his set is broken, it seems that the records are jumping, but it's the system, overload. :)

So i can give you 3 tapes, with a little bit of Dj Rush on the final tape. (the file is a .RAR)

SCENE 260699
no pw


dinsdag 25 november 2008

The Scene (Oudenaarde) 1999

We're back at The Scene, for 2 tapes. First one is the evening with G-Force, also known as Stanny Franssen. I have no complete set, but still 20min of pumping quality techno.

Scene 030499 G-Force & Residents (when you go on filefactory, you see the date is different, but 03/04/99 is the correct one!!)

The second we have is the last hour of the evening, where Steve Cop plays some good techno.

Scene 03/07/99 Steve Cop


zondag 2 november 2008

Steve Cop @ Fuse 1994 and Cyberfactory Radio 1999

Yes, we're back again with another great Fuse tape, another favorite of mine. Still in 1994, when techno was hitting the dancefloors in all kinds of flavours.
The other set from Fuse had a lot of acid influenced tracks, this time it's more melody, funk, soul...it is what it is.

*** Steve Cop @ Fuse 10/12/1994 ***

In the late 90's, Steve Cop was invited to play 2hrs at radiostation in Brussels, called Cyberfactory . It was situated in 2 back rooms of an underground garage in a flat building. It was the time when he was resident at The Scene...

*** Steve Cop @ Cyberfactory 09/05/1999 ***


donderdag 16 oktober 2008

Steve Cop @ The Gap Club (Café d'Anvers 02/1996)

Another party-concept on friday in Café d'Anvers was the Gap Club. Got no further information about it, except it was usually quality (techno) music.

Steve Cop @ The Gap Club 02/1996


WeLT Party @ Café d'Anvers : Steve Cop + PhiPhi

Walter Van Beirendonck is a fashion designer from Antwerp, who did a lot of things like : he designed the costumes for the U2 PopMart Tour, gave our Red Cross a better look,... and produced futuristic designs under his label W e LT (Wild and Lethal Trash)...

I guess this party is from 1995 when WeLt was 'hot' and fresh and new... He invited two of his favorite dj's to have a ball and i got it right here or you :

WeLT 1

WeLT 2

WeLT 3

WeLT 4

You will here from time to time the same songs, don't ask me why, maybe it were Walter's favorite songs :)


zondag 21 september 2008

Resident Dj's @ The Scene

Like I told you before, Steve Cop & Zzino were the resident dj's in this club, the old monestary.

There are 4 tapes of Steve Cop (2 of those 4 tapes are house music), and 1 where he plays together with Zzino (i have no date for this one), the last hour before closing time.

Scene - Steve Cop 27/03/99
Scene - Steve Cop 03/04/99
Scene - Steve Cop 10/04/99
Scene - Steve cop 07/08/99

Scene - Steve Cop & Zzino


maandag 25 augustus 2008

Cherry Moon 15/08/1997 : T-Quest & Steve Cop

Another tape rip from a party at Cherry Moon. Like i said before the parties at Cherry Moon (on friday) were usual very good, with good dj's.
Can't remember what party it was, but with 2 sets from that night, who cares...

T- Quest
Steve Cop


donderdag 7 augustus 2008

House Night @ The Scene 28/08/1999

The Scene was known for it's techno, but on this occasion they were having some housemasters as guest.
First of all, i present you the Steve Cop tunes, it's only 74' because (later on) it was recorded on cd.

The Scene 28/08/1999 : Steve Cop

As a bonus, you'll get the Koenie & Geoffroy set, also recorded on cd, but hey, better than nothing i say :)

Koenie is well known in Belgium, all over the world actually. He started playing soul, disco, new wave, pop,... Then he discoverd house, and people who went to Café d'Anvers back in the day know what i'm talking about. He has his own style, it's very deep, funky, sometimes with a tech twist, but always with soul. In 1997 he started a label called Wally's Groove World but the name actually came from his second hand vinyl shop, situated below USA Import in Antwerp.

The Scene 28/08/1999 : Koenie

Geoffroy from Brussels, not much info on this guy. He was one of the resident dj's, with Raoul Belmans (Aroma), at the famous Food parties, hosted at Silo, Leuven.
He's been at the helm of the Belgian house scene since the crazy days of his 8 year long residency at Belgium's mythic Food Club - together with Swirl People's and Aroma's Raoul Belmans, back in the late 90's till the mid-noughties. (thx to his myspace page).
There you will see what he's currently doing.

The Scene 28/08/1999 : Geoffroy


dinsdag 5 augustus 2008

Wizards Of Sheeva (Mark Broom & Steve Cop) @ Cherry Moon 02/12/1994

Cherry Moon, the house of house, one of the legends in Belgian clublife. For more info, check THIS page, very interesting. (in dutch & english)

Cherry Moon was also on friday night a booming place. There were the Kaos nights, Rave Explosions, Wizards Of Sheeva and more....

For this edition of the Wizards, they invited the well known Mark Broom & Steve Cop, resident dj Yves DR played the final tunes. Quality techno for your ears, this is another of my favorite sets i've got from Steve.
Sorry for the YDR fans, after Steve's set we went home, so we pressed STOP after the first couple of records YDR played.

TAPE 1 : Mark Broom & Steve Cop

TAPE 2 : Steve Cop & Yves DR

Steve Cop @ Cirao 03/06/1995

I present you another Cirao tape. I introduced the club earlier, so we get straight to the music...This time you get quality tracks with a trancey touch. No further explanation, just listen...


....and enjoy!

donderdag 24 juli 2008

Steve Cop @ Private Party Tilburg (NL) 1993

As I told you before, Steve Cop did a lot of gigs in Holland. In those days the Dutch had this particular sound opposite of the hardcore/ gabber culture. We called it mellow.
For me personally, i liked the sound of Fresh fruit Records. A nice compilation to have is THIS ONE.
This set was devided in 3 parts (on tape), i tried as good as possible to get 1 long mix, hope you enhoy this piece of classic sh*t!

Steve Cop, Tilburg, 1993


2hrs - 140Mb - 160 Kbps


zaterdag 19 juli 2008

Steve Cop @ Fuse 02/06/1994

Do I need to say more about Fuse actually?? Since 1994 it made a statement and and it's still going strong. This is one of my favorite tapes, a lot of records that will ring a bell, but keeps you thinking : "Damn, what was/is this?"
A must have for the lovers of quality techno music!

Steve Cop @ Fuse 02/06/1994

A & B Pasted


zaterdag 12 juli 2008

Steve Cop @ Vaudeville (Caligula Night) 1993

Vaudeville in Brussels, another legendary place that hosted a lot of parties. . .A theater from the 19th century. Recently being renovated and still available for parties.

Steve Cop @ Vaudeville 1993
2x45' - 105Mb - 160Kbps




Steve Cop @ Club Exposure (Den Haag, NL) 1993

Back in the 90's, in the nightlife of Den Haag (The Hague), Club Exposure was a big player.

Club Exposure opened it's Heavens Gates on October 30, 1992 and brought a special new danceclub to The Hague’s nightlife. Not only new in it's kind for the Hague, but new for Holland.
With special theme-parties, special acts, animations and guest DJ’s from all over the world, Exposure (.XPO… for the fans!) brought nights with atmospheres and vibes where people still talk about. With resident DJ's such as Remy, Steve Cop (B), Alex P. (GB), Stef, Lippy, Gilbert and Aldo and to name a few guest DJ's: Laurent Garnier, Derrick May, Stacey Pullen, Dimitri, Marcello, 100% Isis, Koenie and many more, you can imagine what kind of hot steaming nights have taken place over there… (thx to Exposure website)

Steve Cop @ Club Exposure
57' (sorry, i've got no more)
192 Kbps



woensdag 9 juli 2008

Steve Cop @ Zazou (Lier) 09/02/1996

Zazou, a club where many parties took place, some people also know it as The Temple. Not long ago it was closed by the authorities, after 30 years! It was the place where a lot of alternative youth got their kicks and thrills. Zazoo witnessed also a lot of musical styles, such as : New Wave/Beat, Electro, Acid, Techno, House, Trance, Drum 'n Bass,... (thx to Out Soon for the info)

Steve Cop @ Zazou (Lier) 09/02/1996
106Mb - 160 Kbps

Side A

Side B


zondag 15 juni 2008

Heaven & Earth @ Extreme 06/10/1995

Another famous (and closed) club in our history, Extreme. It was situated in Affligem, near Brussels. It was popular on saturday, and later on, the mondays became legendary.
On friday, there were usually parties like the one we have here.

Steve Cop @ Extreme


This Is On Filefactory


Steve Cop @ The Scene 12/06/1999

A bit further than Gent, there's Oudenaarde, a quiet place. But for a short period there was a good club, with a great soundsystem. It was in an old monastery. Great names came to play : Adam Beyer, Dave Angel, Jeff Mills, Technasia,... But for some reason the people didn't came in numbers, it was always half full/empty, depends how you look at it.

Steve cop @ The Scene
Time : 1h34
Bitr : 192


zondag 18 mei 2008

Good Spam Part 4

Every friday & saturday we have Switch on our national radio (Studio Brussel), a diversity of electronique music, hosted by several people.
On one of these episodes, they asked SC to do a mix.

Steve Cop Ableton-Mix 4 Switch

Time : 59'36"
Bitr : 128kbps


zaterdag 17 mei 2008

Steve Cop @ H2O (Doornik/Tournai) 21/03/1998

H2O, a comfy club in the west, southwest of our little country. Once with 2/3 rooms, full of quality music and good national & international dj's.
Alan Oldham (Dj T-1000) recorded a mix compilation there, more about it HERE
If you want to find more about the club, nowadays, check the website H2O

Steve Cop @ H20 21/03/1998
Time : 1h34
Bitr : 192kbps


dinsdag 6 mei 2008

Good Spam 2008 part 3

This evening, Adam Beyer was hosting in the main room, introducing the new 'Fuse presents ...' cd, which is the follow-up to the Shinedoe edition. In the past people like Dave Clarke, Joris Voorn & Technasia did a mix for our famous club in Brussels.
In the second room, the Motion Room, Steve Cop & Tomaz played all night long, as Layo & Bushwacka told us before.
In the next weeks, parts of this set will be posted here. We thank Tomaz for all the hard work he did, providing the links & playing those classic tunes with his partner in crime.

Steve Cop vs Tomaz @ Fuse Motion Room 12/04/2008


maandag 21 april 2008

Steve Cop @ Cirao 30/10/1994

Cirao Dance Hall, a club in Waregem formerly known as Carioca, an old swimming pool...Perfect location for a lot of party's, where in the old days people like Fred Nasen, Laurent Warin and Phi Phi played.
I am not sure but i think this tape is from Phi Phi's birthday-party, it's been too long ago :)

Steve Cop @ Cirao 30/10/1994
Time : 1h17
Bitr : 192kbps



woensdag 9 april 2008

Steve Cop @ Kozzmozz Vacation trip 10/08/1996

It all started in 1995 on a jampacked boat. Due to the succes of the parties some changes had to be made and a bigger location was found: ICC. Later on the concept moved to the Kuipke and now they're based in Vooruit (same location as 10daysOff).
Lots of changes but still in Ghent after all those years ... except for some excursions to Brussels, Holland and even Ibiza. (thx to L3m4nt)


Kozzmozz is the mothership off al K-Events. The first edition was held on September 23rd 1995 on the Josef K boat in the harbor of Ghent. It was more a party for friends than a public party aimed at promoting the better Belgian techno dj’s. The response was however so overwhelming that more editions had to be planned.

Need i say more? This is an institute in Belgian partyland. And the dj set we have here, gives the exact feeling of the vibe back in the day. Strictly techno, not hard, but the way it should be.

Steve Cop @ Kozzmozz Vacation trip 10/08/1996
Time : 1h34
Bitr : 192kbps



dinsdag 1 april 2008

Good Spam 2008 Part 2

It was the celebration of 15 years Out Soon. We all know Out Soon from back in the day, it was like a huge map you have in your car from a certain city/country. Nowadays it's a nice magazine, no problems anymore to put it away. :)

More info about Out Soon here :
http://www.myspace.com/outsoon AND http://www.outsoon.be/

Flash back to 1992: The golden period for Belgian clubs like Boccaccio, Globe, La Rocca, At The Villa, Balmoral, Cherry Moon, Café d’Anvers, Mirano, Le Veaudeville… Clubbers all around the country were jacking their body to something people called house music. That new kind of music gave them pleasures of the highest sense and feelings of warmth and security. On November 13th of 1992, a small black and white leaflet decided to inform these clubbers about the ever growing Belgian clubbing scene. That little free monthly folder was called Out Soon and quickly became Belgium’s leading magazine regarding electronic dance music, clubs and parties. After 15 years, Out Soon is still Belgium’s leading free clubbing magazine, made with passion by real clubbers for real clubbers!

That evening Steve Cop and Tomaz played back to back for 3hrs, something they do a lot lately. (check introduction)

Tomaz isn't a stranger for clubland, from spinning records to making them, hosting a show on national radio...nothing is too much for this musiclover.
More info here :

Steve Cop & Tomaz @ 15 years Out Soon in Fuse, part 1
Time : 1h01
Bitr : 128kbps


Steve Cop & Tomaz @ 15 years Out Soon in Fuse, part 2
Time : 1h
Bitr : 128kbps

SteveCop_vs_Tomaz part 2

Steve Cop & Tomaz @ 15 years Out Soon in Fuse, part 3
Time : 56m 55s
Bitr : 128kbps

SteveCop_vs_Tomaz part 3

More coming soon!

donderdag 27 maart 2008

Steve Cop @ Silo (Leuven) 11/11/1995

Before the famous Loop/Food evenings, Silo was allready known in clubland, and from time to time there were good parties. Like this one...

Steve Cop @ Silo (Leuven) 11/11/1995
Time : 1h29
Bitr : 192kbps



woensdag 26 maart 2008

Steve Cop @ Silo (Loop Fridays) 21/11/1997

Loop/Food parties @ Silo (Leuven) were legendary.
On friday (Loop), there was techno with Pierre (Fuse) and Steve Cop.
On saturday (Food), there was house with Raoul and Geoffroy.
Many national and international dj's played there and still today, Silo is a top club.

Steve Cop @ Silo (Loop Fridays) 21/11/1997
Time : 1h34
Bitr : 192kbps


You can also find this set & much more at L3m4nt Blogpsot


maandag 24 maart 2008

Steve Cop @ Club Bizar & Fuse

We continue our collection with a re-post. This tape was allready on the L3m4nt Blogspot, but for those who missed it, here it is again!

Steve Cop @ Fuse 19/09/1994
Time : 1h32
Bitr : 192kbps


Another re-post from the L3m4nt Blogspot...

Steve Cop @ Club Bizar (Waarloos) 11/10/1996
Time : 1h33
Bitr : 128kbps



vrijdag 21 maart 2008

Good Spam 2008

Everybody knows Discogs as a userbuilt-database with a marketplace where you can buy all those goodies/classics. With combined forces, users created Discogs Radio. More info here :


Legendary Club Sounds From 1988-1998 @ Lazerhothits.com (check links)

Steve Cop @ FTWLTG 08-08-1992


For Those Who Like To Groove is a legendary but short-lived radioprogram on Radio 3 in The Netherlands and was broadcasted by the AVRO, which was hosted by Robin Albers (Jaydee). The first hour would feature the best new house and techno music, and during the second hour, a DJ would come and do a mix. For those who like to groove is probably one of the most intimate dance programs of all times. Unfortunately it lasted only for one year, this radio show received an award for the best national radio program in 1992. Before all of this Robin Albers started the Dutch mixing championships in 1984 and lots of deejays from then are the stars of today!

Time : 44.54
Bitr : 256 kbps



Thx for this set : http://standje079.web-log.nl/

donderdag 20 maart 2008

Steve Cop & Koenie @ Café d'Anvers October 1992

We begin our collection with the best resident dj's Café d'Anvers ever had, Koenie and ofcourse Steve Cop. They gave us many reasons to dance at numerous evenings with their own musical taste, combined they were magic.
For more info about Koenie check these : http://www.discogs.com/artist/Koenie
and http://www.myspace.com/74173638

Time : 49.25

Bitr : 192 kbps

67,8 MB

Thx to L3m4nt (again), there's a longer session available than the one we have above :

Time : 1h30
Bitr : 192kbps


dinsdag 18 maart 2008


Belgian Dj, Steve Cop is known to all old school heads, in Belgium and Holland. He has been a resident dj in many clubs and played at a lot of parties in Belgium, Holland & all over the globe.
Started as a lightjockey in the famous club La Rocca, he slowly becomes a resident dj.
After that he got resident spots at : Café d'Anvers, Fuse, Exposure (NL), Silo (Loop nights), The Scene & Industria.
He also produced, with CJ Bolland on the famous R&S label as Sonic Solution.



Nowadays he still plays, not as often, and sometimes with Tomaz, playing old school sets.