donderdag 27 maart 2008

Steve Cop @ Silo (Leuven) 11/11/1995

Before the famous Loop/Food evenings, Silo was allready known in clubland, and from time to time there were good parties. Like this one...

Steve Cop @ Silo (Leuven) 11/11/1995
Time : 1h29
Bitr : 192kbps



woensdag 26 maart 2008

Steve Cop @ Silo (Loop Fridays) 21/11/1997

Loop/Food parties @ Silo (Leuven) were legendary.
On friday (Loop), there was techno with Pierre (Fuse) and Steve Cop.
On saturday (Food), there was house with Raoul and Geoffroy.
Many national and international dj's played there and still today, Silo is a top club.

Steve Cop @ Silo (Loop Fridays) 21/11/1997
Time : 1h34
Bitr : 192kbps


You can also find this set & much more at L3m4nt Blogpsot


maandag 24 maart 2008

Steve Cop @ Club Bizar & Fuse

We continue our collection with a re-post. This tape was allready on the L3m4nt Blogspot, but for those who missed it, here it is again!

Steve Cop @ Fuse 19/09/1994
Time : 1h32
Bitr : 192kbps


Another re-post from the L3m4nt Blogspot...

Steve Cop @ Club Bizar (Waarloos) 11/10/1996
Time : 1h33
Bitr : 128kbps



vrijdag 21 maart 2008

Good Spam 2008

Everybody knows Discogs as a userbuilt-database with a marketplace where you can buy all those goodies/classics. With combined forces, users created Discogs Radio. More info here :

Legendary Club Sounds From 1988-1998 @ (check links)

Steve Cop @ FTWLTG 08-08-1992

For Those Who Like To Groove is a legendary but short-lived radioprogram on Radio 3 in The Netherlands and was broadcasted by the AVRO, which was hosted by Robin Albers (Jaydee). The first hour would feature the best new house and techno music, and during the second hour, a DJ would come and do a mix. For those who like to groove is probably one of the most intimate dance programs of all times. Unfortunately it lasted only for one year, this radio show received an award for the best national radio program in 1992. Before all of this Robin Albers started the Dutch mixing championships in 1984 and lots of deejays from then are the stars of today!

Time : 44.54
Bitr : 256 kbps



Thx for this set :

donderdag 20 maart 2008

Steve Cop & Koenie @ Café d'Anvers October 1992

We begin our collection with the best resident dj's Café d'Anvers ever had, Koenie and ofcourse Steve Cop. They gave us many reasons to dance at numerous evenings with their own musical taste, combined they were magic.
For more info about Koenie check these :

Time : 49.25

Bitr : 192 kbps

67,8 MB

Thx to L3m4nt (again), there's a longer session available than the one we have above :

Time : 1h30
Bitr : 192kbps


dinsdag 18 maart 2008


Belgian Dj, Steve Cop is known to all old school heads, in Belgium and Holland. He has been a resident dj in many clubs and played at a lot of parties in Belgium, Holland & all over the globe.
Started as a lightjockey in the famous club La Rocca, he slowly becomes a resident dj.
After that he got resident spots at : Café d'Anvers, Fuse, Exposure (NL), Silo (Loop nights), The Scene & Industria.
He also produced, with CJ Bolland on the famous R&S label as Sonic Solution.

Nowadays he still plays, not as often, and sometimes with Tomaz, playing old school sets.