donderdag 16 oktober 2008

Steve Cop @ The Gap Club (Café d'Anvers 02/1996)

Another party-concept on friday in Café d'Anvers was the Gap Club. Got no further information about it, except it was usually quality (techno) music.

Steve Cop @ The Gap Club 02/1996


WeLT Party @ Café d'Anvers : Steve Cop + PhiPhi

Walter Van Beirendonck is a fashion designer from Antwerp, who did a lot of things like : he designed the costumes for the U2 PopMart Tour, gave our Red Cross a better look,... and produced futuristic designs under his label W e LT (Wild and Lethal Trash)...

I guess this party is from 1995 when WeLt was 'hot' and fresh and new... He invited two of his favorite dj's to have a ball and i got it right here or you :

WeLT 1

WeLT 2

WeLT 3

WeLT 4

You will here from time to time the same songs, don't ask me why, maybe it were Walter's favorite songs :)