zondag 15 februari 2009

Steve Cop @ Fuse 19/09/1994

This is actually a re-post, this set was on Lemant's blog once. I've found the tape in my own collection...Another top notch quality tape, full with techno classics.

Steve Cop Fuse 190994

Enjoy this one peeps!!

woensdag 7 januari 2009

Silo (Food/Loop)

As we explained before, Silo is an institute. Not in the line as La Rocca, Cherry Moon, Boccaccio,... but more along the "alternative" side of clublife. Known for it's quality house-techno-progressive party's with quality music, for hosting the legendary loop and food nights and up to today, it's writing history.

Here we have 2 sets by Steve Cop, in that era.

1 year silo 020396

loop 140397


Steve Cop @ Club Bizar 13/09/1996

Club Bizar....Obsession, afterclub Cocoon and now Copacabana... This club had many lives, many vibes. It's a cozy club between Antwerp & Mechelen, not far from the E19.
Steve was invited twice there, together with Tomaz, if i'm correct. The other set was on the Lemant blog, you can expect the same music, quality T.

BIZAR 130996 SC