maandag 25 augustus 2008

Cherry Moon 15/08/1997 : T-Quest & Steve Cop

Another tape rip from a party at Cherry Moon. Like i said before the parties at Cherry Moon (on friday) were usual very good, with good dj's.
Can't remember what party it was, but with 2 sets from that night, who cares...

T- Quest
Steve Cop


donderdag 7 augustus 2008

House Night @ The Scene 28/08/1999

The Scene was known for it's techno, but on this occasion they were having some housemasters as guest.
First of all, i present you the Steve Cop tunes, it's only 74' because (later on) it was recorded on cd.

The Scene 28/08/1999 : Steve Cop

As a bonus, you'll get the Koenie & Geoffroy set, also recorded on cd, but hey, better than nothing i say :)

Koenie is well known in Belgium, all over the world actually. He started playing soul, disco, new wave, pop,... Then he discoverd house, and people who went to Café d'Anvers back in the day know what i'm talking about. He has his own style, it's very deep, funky, sometimes with a tech twist, but always with soul. In 1997 he started a label called Wally's Groove World but the name actually came from his second hand vinyl shop, situated below USA Import in Antwerp.

The Scene 28/08/1999 : Koenie

Geoffroy from Brussels, not much info on this guy. He was one of the resident dj's, with Raoul Belmans (Aroma), at the famous Food parties, hosted at Silo, Leuven.
He's been at the helm of the Belgian house scene since the crazy days of his 8 year long residency at Belgium's mythic Food Club - together with Swirl People's and Aroma's Raoul Belmans, back in the late 90's till the mid-noughties. (thx to his myspace page).
There you will see what he's currently doing.

The Scene 28/08/1999 : Geoffroy


dinsdag 5 augustus 2008

Wizards Of Sheeva (Mark Broom & Steve Cop) @ Cherry Moon 02/12/1994

Cherry Moon, the house of house, one of the legends in Belgian clublife. For more info, check THIS page, very interesting. (in dutch & english)

Cherry Moon was also on friday night a booming place. There were the Kaos nights, Rave Explosions, Wizards Of Sheeva and more....

For this edition of the Wizards, they invited the well known Mark Broom & Steve Cop, resident dj Yves DR played the final tunes. Quality techno for your ears, this is another of my favorite sets i've got from Steve.
Sorry for the YDR fans, after Steve's set we went home, so we pressed STOP after the first couple of records YDR played.

TAPE 1 : Mark Broom & Steve Cop

TAPE 2 : Steve Cop & Yves DR

Steve Cop @ Cirao 03/06/1995

I present you another Cirao tape. I introduced the club earlier, so we get straight to the music...This time you get quality tracks with a trancey touch. No further explanation, just listen...


....and enjoy!