zondag 2 november 2008

Steve Cop @ Fuse 1994 and Cyberfactory Radio 1999

Yes, we're back again with another great Fuse tape, another favorite of mine. Still in 1994, when techno was hitting the dancefloors in all kinds of flavours.
The other set from Fuse had a lot of acid influenced tracks, this time it's more melody, funk, soul...it is what it is.

*** Steve Cop @ Fuse 10/12/1994 ***

In the late 90's, Steve Cop was invited to play 2hrs at radiostation in Brussels, called Cyberfactory . It was situated in 2 back rooms of an underground garage in a flat building. It was the time when he was resident at The Scene...

*** Steve Cop @ Cyberfactory 09/05/1999 ***


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